Those who follow our reviews know that the Mionix Naos 5000 is our mouse of choice, winning over the several models we’ve tested in the last few years. Now the Swedish company has released the Naos 3200, kind of an “economy car,” so to speak. By itself, it’s one of the best mice we’ve tested, exactly because it keeps the strong features of its bigger cousin – essentially the comfortable body design and the easy and efficient configuration software. Being a simpler model, it’s obvious that the Naos 3200 lacks some of the advanced features of the Naos 5000 model. We’ll get to it soon, let’s first take a look at the physical aspects of the mouse.

Naos 3200Figure 1: Upside view

The Naos 3200 uses the same body of the 5000 model. It’s a spread out design, with enough space even for the pinkie. The hand completely rests over the mouse’s body, which is extremely comfortable and ergonomic. Button set up is standard: there are the back/forward buttons above the thumb rest, and you can find the up/down sensitivity buttons below the backlit scroll wheel. Comparing to the Naos 5000, there are no LEDs indicating the current dpi setting on the edge of the thumb rest.

Naos 3200Figure 2: The underside

There are four Teflon feet on the bottom of the mouse, and the middle part houses the 3200 dpi laser cannon surrounded by the Mionix logo. Unlike the Naos 5000, there is no weight adjustment system. Finally, the cloth-wrapped cable ends in a gold-coated USB plug.

Naos 3200Figure 3: Side view


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