The G5 Mouse

The G5 series from Logitech is a high sensitivity (2000 dpi) corded USB laser mouse with a series of configurable buttons and an adjustable weight cartridge. It’s suited for right-handed usage only. On the top there is some artwork featuring the Walker tank from Battlefield 2142 standing atop of a city ruined by warfare.

Figure 2: The G5 BF 2142 mouse top.

Right below the scroll wheel there are two buttons that allow you to change the sensitivity on-the-fly during gameplay and also regular Windows applications. Next to the right thumb position there’s a button that defaults to backwards when web surfing and can also be configured for gameplay usage, like jumping or reloading. A LED display indicates the level of mouse sensitivity you have chosen (high, mid or low).

Figure 3: The G5 BF 2142 mouse bottom.

Finally there’s the adjustable weight cartridge with eight slots for sixteen weights that come with the mouse. You can increase its weight from a minimum of 1.7 g up to 36 g. The orange-colored cartridge is inserted on the same slot that holds the battery for the cordless G7 model on the bottom of the mouse. The weight case is very stylish and resembles a special munitions case with foam slots for the individual weight beads. On a final touch, the USB cord is cloth-wrapped. Classy presentation on every level.

Figure 4: The weight cartridge.

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