The PC-X900 is a stylish, all-aluminum mid-tower case from Lian Li. Let’s see if it is worthwhile paying USD 340 for it.

The first thing you will notice on the PC-X900 is that it is shorter (deep-wise) than regular mid-tower cases and also a little bit taller.

The PC-X900 is available in three different colors: black (PC-X900 B), red (PC-X900 R), or silver (PC-X900 A). We reviewed the black version.

Lian Li PC-X900 caseFigure 1: Lian Li PC-X900 case

Lian Li PC-X900 caseFigure 2: Lian Li PC-X900 case

The reviewed case has a big transparent acrylic window on its left-side panel. No door is present on the front panel.

There are three 5.25” bays on the front panel, and the top-most comes with a bezel for you to hide the front of your optical drive, giving a better looks to your computer. There are three 120 mm fans (Lian Li LI1221225BE-B4-C) on the front panel, cooling down the motherboard compartment. They glow blue when turned on, and use three-pin connectors, so you can monitor their speed if you connect them on your motherboard, but most likely you will want to connect them to the available speed controller, which we will talk about in the next page. They also come with adapters for you to connect them directly on the power supply. No technical specification about these fans was provided.

Lian Li PC-X900 caseFigure 3: Front panel

You can easily remove the fans, as they are attached to a support that is fastened to the case using three black thumbscrews (you need to remove the lower hard drive cage to remove the front fans, though). This way you can easily clean the available washable air filters.

Lian Li PC-X900 caseFigure 4: Front fans


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