The Lian-Li PC-T60 is an interesting case for anyone who needs to acess the motherboard often, replacing memory modules, expansion cards, video cards, or CPU, and for overclocking enthusiasts that need to change motherboard or cooler adjusts.

Besides this, it is very light, which is excellent. The motherboard horizontal position can avoid problems with heavy CPU coolers and video cards.

On the other hand, the case has some problems. First, it lacks of orifices on the motherboard tray do route the cables, which means the cables must pass outside the case.

It also doesn’t support liquid cooling radiators; if you want to use a watercooler, must modify the case some way. It is also a shame the case come without the USB and audio connectors.

Anyway, if you are looking for a “test bench” case, it can be a good choice.

Strong Points

  • Easy access to motherboard and other parts
  • Lightweight
  • Supports video cards of any lenght
  • Reasonable storage bay count
  • Eight expansion slots
  • Good quality of construction

Weak Points

  • Confusing manual, which makes the assembly a puzzle
  • No support for case fans
  • No support for liquid cooling
  • Doesn’t come with USB ports and audio connectors
  • No openings to pass the cables to the motherboard