The Disk Drive Bays

The PC-T60 supports two 5.25 inches units, three 3.5 inches hard disk drives, and three 2.5 inches storage units.

The bays for the 5.25 inches units are under the motherboard tray, and the units must be fixed with common screws. At the side of the power supply there is a cage that holds three 3.5″ and one 2.5″ drives.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 10: external 5.25″ bays

Figure 11 unveils this cage. The 3.5″ units must be installed using special thumbscrews that come with the case, trough rubber washers that absorb vibration. The 2.5″ unit must be attached to the top of the cage using common screws.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 11: cage with HDD bays

Figure 12 shows the two 2.5″ bays that stay under the motherboard tray. Here, the units are held by common screws.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 12: 2.5″ bays

Figure 13 shows a Blu-Ray burner, an HDD and an SSD installed on the bays of the case.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 13: storage units installed