Inside the Lian-Li PC-T60

Figure 7 shows the motherboard tray, that is actually the main area of the case. There is a big opening to access the backplate of the CPU cooler, but there are not holes to pass the cables to the motherboard. The eight slots at the rear frame are covered by removable covers, and the expansion cards are held in place using thumbscrews.

The PC-T60 supports CPU coolers up to 5.9 inches (150 mm) tall with the handle in place, but has no limit if you remove this handle. Due to the open design, there is no limit for the video card length.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 7: motherboard tray

In Figure 8 you see the room for the power supply. It can be installed with its fan facing up or down, and lies over two rubber stripes.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 8: power supply compartement

Figure 9 shows one of out test systems built on the PC-T60. Notice that, as there are no holes on the motherboard tray, the power and SATA cables pass outside of the case, which brings it a messy aspect.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 9: mounted system