PC-8N is a new all-aluminum mid-tower case from Lian Li. Using 1.5 mm-thick aluminum panels, this case is very light, weighting only 10.5 lbs (4.8 Kg). Let’s see what to expect from it.

Lian Li PC-8N caseFigure 1: Lian Li PC-8N case.

Lian Li PC-8N caseFigure 2: Lian Li PC-8N case.

PC8-N has four 5.25” and one 3.5” external bays and they are not meshed. Both side panels are also solid, giving this case a very professional looks. This case comes with only two 120 mm fans, one on the front panel and another on the rear panel. Both rotate at 1,200 rpm and use a three-pin power connector, allowing you to install them directly on the motherboard for you to monitor their speed. The case also comes with two power adapters if you choose to install the fans directly on the power supply.

Lian Li PC-8N caseFigure 3: Lian Li PC-8N case.

On the front panel we have two USB ports (too close to each other) and the traditional audio jacks. No eSATA port is provided.

The front fan has a dust filter, which is really easy to access, since the front panel can be easily removed by simply pulling it.

Lian Li PC-8N caseFigure 4: Dust filter.

In Figure 5, you can see the rear panel from PC-8N, which uses the traditional ATX configuration, with the power supply on the top. If you pay close attention you will see that this case has a frame for the power supply: you install this frame on the power supply using regular screws and then you can slide the power supply and screw it using the provided thumbscrews. This case has a support for the power supply, as we will show in the next page. The slot covers are meshed and there is a mesh above where expansion cards are installed, improving the PC internal airflow.

Lian Li PC-8N caseFigure 5: Rear panel.

Now let’s take a look inside Lian Li PC-8N.


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