Introduction (Cont’d)

On the top part of the case you can find, on the left side, four USB ports, one FireWire port, one eSATA port, microphone input, headphone output and reset button. On the right side it has a memory card reader and another USB port. The “antenna” found on the top of the case was added just for aesthetic value, having no function.

Lian Li PC-888 CaseFigure 4: Top panel.

Lian Li PC-888 CaseFigure 5: Connectors found on the top left side.

Lian Li PC-888 CaseFigure 6: Memory card reader and USB port on the top right side.

In Figure 7, you can see the rear panel from PC-888. It has seven expansion slots, as usual, using meshed covers for improved airflow. It has a 120 mm fan with a small speed control knob (up to 1,500 rpm). It is important to note that during the show the manufacturer inverted the position of the two top frames (they did this so nobody could steal the blue CCFL light they were using), so the open frame that on the picture is on top actually comes on the place where the meshed frame is installed and vice-versa. Since 5.25” devices are installed on the top part of the case, the power supply goes below them, on the second hole, using the open frame and not the meshed one, of course.

Lian Li PC-888 CaseFigure 7: Rear panel.

Now let’s take a look inside PC-888.


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