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Lian Li PC-888 Case



During CES 2009 Lian Li introduced a concept case, PC-888, shaped like a billowing sail – making it to look like the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai –, made of blue anodized aluminum and costing a fortune – according to the manufacturer since this case is a limited handcraft edition, it should reach the market costing more than USD 500. Let’s take a look at this very different case.

Lian Li PC-888 CaseFigure 1: Lian Li PC-888.

Lian Li PC-888 CaseFigure 2: Lian Li PC-888.

Lian Li PC-888 CaseFigure 3: Lian Li PC-888.

Like it or not, its design is really unique. The material used is top-notch (blue anodized aluminum with laser-cut details – e.g., the silver lines in Figure 3) and that is why this case will be very expensive.

The front panel features meshed aluminum covers with dust filters, providing greater airflow and, at the same time, preventing dust from entering the case. Even though these covers look like 5.25” bay covers, this case has only two 5.25” bays (the top two covers in Figure 3), so you can only have up to two 5.25” devices. PC-888 has two 140 mm fans (1,200 rpm) that glow blue when turned on attached to the front panel.