Lancool Metal Boned K10 brings the best of both worlds: its exterior is made of aluminum, bringing a flawless finishing and being lighter than all-steel cases and, at the same time, its internal body is still made of zinc-coated steel (a.k.a. “SECC”), which makes this case to cost far less than all-aluminum products . This case is particularly targeted to users that go to LAN parties, not only because it is lighter than other steel and hybrid cases around, but because it presents a very robust construction and a couple of small features to prevent unauthorized people from opening your case.

It is very important to notice that on the majority of hybrid cases around only the frontal panel is made of aluminum, and this isn’t the case of Metal Boned K10, where the front panel, the two side panels and the top panel are all manufactured in aluminum. This provides not only a better finishing, but it makes this case lighter than other hybrid products.

Lancool Metal Boned K10 is available in black or silver, and we reviewed the black model.

The finishing of this case is outstanding, one of the best we’ve seen to date, really smooth.

Lancool Metal Boned K10Figure 1: Lancool Metal Boned K10.

Lancool Metal Boned K10Figure 2: Front door.

One of the features present on this case that is clearly targeted to people that go to LAN parties is the lock present on the front door. As you can see on Figures 3 and 4 this case uses a real key and a real lock.

Lancool Metal Boned K10Figure 3: Lock present at the front door.

Lancool Metal Boned K10Figure 4: Keys that come with the case.


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