Kingston SSDNow V+100 vs. Samsung 470 Series 256 GB SSD Review

How We Tested

During our testing procedures we used the configuration listed below. The only variable component between each benchmarking session was the SSD being tested.

Hardware Configuration

Software Configuration

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium using NTFS files system
  • Intel INF Driver Version:
  • AMD Video Driver Version: Catalyst 11.4

Benchmarking Software

Error Margin

We adopted a 3% error margin in our tests, meaning performance differences less than 3% can’t be considered meaningful. Therefore when the performance difference between two products is less than 3% we consider them to have similar performance.

Author: Henry Butt

Henry has been taking apart computers since the age of 10, which eventually lead to a career in technology journalism. He's written for numerous leading UK technology websites as well as writing advisory articles for Best Buy.

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