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Kingmax Factory Tour in Hsin Chu, Taiwan


Kinpak Factory Tour (Cont’d)

In Figure 5, you can see a chart with the anatomy of a memory chip.

Kingmax Factory TourFigure 5: Anatomy of a memory chip.

The packing is a very delicate process. All machinery and people work in a clean environment and that’s why we couldn’t go inside the memory chip manufacturing facility – a single dust particle could ruin the whole process –, but we could see it through a glass window.

Kingmax Factory TourFigure 6: Overall view from the machinery used.

Kingmax Factory TourFigure 7: Here an employee is performing the wire bond process, i.e., adding wires to the silicon chip (the golden wire in Figure 5).

Kingmax Factory TourFigure 8: These ladies are working on quality control.

This is pretty much of it, since we couldn’t step inside and take pictures of all steps in the memory chip manufacturing. After finishing the process in this factory, the chips are all black (unlabeled) and untested or UTT as called by the industry experts. From here the memory chips go to Kingmax’s factory where they will be tested, labeled and assembled on a memory module.