Special Offers

The “Special Offers” in Kindle with Special Offers, is simply a nice name for advertisements. You see these ads in two different places: the screen saver and at the bottom of the home page. While other Kindles have screen savers showing artistic pictures of authors like Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, and Agatha Christie, when you are not actively reading the Kindle with Special Offers, the screen features an ad. One of these ads is shown in Figure 9. Since the ads are in grayscale, there are no blaringly bright or obnoxious ads. There are also no animated ads.

Kindle Wi-Fi with Special OffersFigure 9: A Kindle Special Offer screen saver

In several weeks of viewing these ads, we found them all tastefully done and unobtrusive. Some were actual special offers that we found appealing. Here are a few examples of the ads that have appeared:

  • Get $20 off Amazon Power & Hand Tools when you spend $30
  • Save $15 on $20 of Amazon Kindle Skins from
  • Pay $10 for $30 of products in the Amazon Swim Shop
  • Use your Visa to buy select Kindle books and get a $10 Amazon credit
  • Get a $5 credit toward movies and TV shows at Amazon Instant Video

As shown in Figure 10, a special offer also appears on a rotating basis on the main screen. As you can see, this ad is a small banner across the bottom of the page.

Kindle Wi-Fi with Special OffersFigure 10: A special offer on the home page

No ads appear when reading a book, so they don’t in any way interfere with your ebook reading. Amazon has promised that ads will only appear as the screen savers and on the home page.

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