The iPod touch fills a unique niche in the digital world. It is not a cell phone or a smart phone, but it is a small device that performs many of the other functions of a smart phone. In fact, it is like having a mini-computer in your pocket. The iPod touch has been around since 2007, so we decided to take a look at the 3rd generation iPod touch to see how it has improved.

The iPod Touch comes in a typical minimalistic Apple box. As shown in Figure 1, the iPod touch can be seen through the plastic cover on the box. The box itself is simply labeled with the Apple logo and the words “iPod touch.”

iPod Touch 3rd Generation ReviewFigure 1: The iPod touch in the box

Inside the box you will find the black iPod touch, a small “Start Here” Guide, a dock adapter, and the customary hard earbud headphones. Also included, but not shown, is a white USB charging cable. If you are not a fan of the cheap earbuds that come with iPods, you may want to replace them with something more comfortable. Be sure, however, to keep the dock adapter. It will be useful for any speakers or charging systems that you may acquire in the future.

iPod Touch 3rd Generation ReviewFigure 2: What’s in the box

Measuring 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.33 inches (110 x 61.8 x 8.5 mm) and weighing 4.05 ounces (115 grams), the look and feel of the 3G iPod touch is very similar to the 2G model. However, this model is quite a move forward in terms of capacity and operating system. This iPod touch comes in 8, 32, and 64 GB capacities. We reviewed the 8 GB model which has an MSRP of USD 199 and can store up to 1,750 songs, 10 hours of video, and 10,000 photos. The 32 GB model, which has an MSRP of USD 299, holds up to 7,000 songs, 40 hours of video, and 40,000 photos. The 64 GB version holds up to 14,000 songs, 80 hours of video, and 90,000 photos, and has an MSRP of USD 399.

The iPod touch is also similar to the iPhone in shape and size. Figure 3 shows the iPod touch on the left and the iPhone 3G on the right. The iPhone is somewhat thicker, but only slightly larger than the iPod touch.

iPod Touch 3rd Generation ReviewFigure 3: The iPod touch (left) and the iPhone 3G (right)


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