The new iPad 2 is lighter, faster, slimmer and a lot more feature-laden than the original iPad. This is not merely a midterm upgrade designed to bridge the original iPad with the future iPad 3 – this is a significant upgrade to the iPad and worthwhile in its own right.

The iPad 2 will maintain Apple’s huge lead in the tablet market. Whether Motorola Xoom, RIM’s PlayBook and others will erode their dominance remains to be seen. If estimates are correct, Apple will maintain at least a 70% market share for 2011, garnering them billions of dollars of revenue. In spite of several anticipated improvements that didn’t come to fruition – namely the retina display, a Thunderbolt port and higher resolution cameras, the iPad 2 is still the leader. It may not be the slimmest, or the fastest. Nor does it exhibit the best display or have the most power. However, this tablet has the power of the iTunes App Store behind it. Because of that, expect the iPad 2 to maintain a significant market dominance through 2011. It’s a great buy, Verizon and AT&T have decent plans, and the apps will possibly make it the most incredibly useful device you might ever own.

Murray Hill worked in the newspaper business for over 37 years. He began writing about technology over 20 years ago, and now that he's retired, he retains his love of technology and firmly believes that there's a gadget or gizmo for every situation and application. His fascination with technology and gadgets has prompted his wife to call him "Gadget Man" (not necessarily an endearing epithet) and has led to many discussions about the need for the various gadgets he has around the house. His love of tech is nearly equaled by his love of Manchester United Soccer team and a nice day at the lake.