New Software

Two of the most striking new pieces of software available for this new version of the iPad include GarageBand and iMovie, both of which are popular applications for Mac computer users. While GarageBand for the Mac is a program that users who write their own music can utilize, and those wishing to learn how to play particular musical instruments can practice with, the iPad 2 version offers different options. Using the accelerometer, the user can change the tone of the musical instrument they might be playing. For instance, when playing the piano, striking the key hard makes a sound like striking a real piano key hard. Gently caress the keys and the sound emulates a real piano being delicately played.

This USD 4.99 program offers a full eight track recording studio where users can lay down their own music and easily export it to iTunes or social media sites. For the neophyte who can’t play a tune in real life, Smart Instruments take the worry and difficulty out of making your own music and still offer you the access to recording and sharing your creations.

The new USD 4.99 version of iMovie for the iPad makes use of the multi-touch capabilities in the iPad to give precision editing of movies the user has created. Creating and editing your own movies and turning out professional results has been put into the hands of everyone. Easy to understand and use, the new iPad version of iMovie is a great addition to someone’s iPad 2.

With over 65,000 apps in the iTunes App Store that are specifically designed to run on the iPad platform, it’s pretty clear why iPad is the dominant tablet on the market.


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