Apple has come out with two new accessories for the iPad 2. The new Smart Cover is a great addition to a user’s iPad 2. The Smart Cover comes in two choices of material. There are 5 color choices for the polyurethane covers: blue, green, orange, pink and grey. Likewise, there are five and five color choices for the leather covers: grey, caramel, black, navy and dark red.

The polyurethane covers retail for USD 39, the leather covers retail for USD 69. The covers are ingenious. They attach to the iPad 2 with magnets that align with the magnets put into the new iPad 2 case, so when the user puts the cover onto the iPad 2 it automatically aligns itself. The cover has a soft inside which cleans the screen on the iPad 2 when closed, and the four-segmented covers fold up to create a FaceTime and video stand or a keyboard stand. It’s an inspired design and well worth purchasing for your new iPad 2.

The new Smart Cover will wake up the iPad 2 the second the user bends the first segment back and put the iPad 2 back to sleep when it’s closed.

The second new accessory is the Digital AV Adapter, a device that mirrors what is on the user’s iPad 2 with a widescreen TV, using an HDMI adapter. The adapter also includes a 30-pin connector to charge the iPad while the user is playing content from the iPad 2 to a TV. This accessory is priced at USD 39.


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