Intel ViiV Specs

For a computer to be compatible with ViiV platform, it must have at least the following components:

  • One of the following CPUs: Pentium D (except 805 model), Pentium Extreme Edition or Core Duo.

  • One of the following chipsets: 975X, 955X, 945G, 945P and 945GT, all using ICH7-DH (82801GDH) south bridge, or 945GM chipset.

  • One of the following network connections: Intel PRO/1000 PM, Intel PRO/100 VE or Intel PRO/100 VM.

  • Quick Resume Technology driver for the south bridge ICH7-DH installed.

  • SATA hard disk drive with NCQ technology.

  • Intel Matrix Storage technology (i.e., RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 support).

  • High Definition Audio 5.1 or above. Analog or digital connection can be used. If digital connection (SPDIF) is used, 5.1 or above analog connection is optional.

  • Operating system: Windows XP Media Center Edition.

  • Remote control (optional)

If a computer is equipped with these components (CPU, chipset, networking and operating system), it can be considered “ViiV-enabled”.

What is different on this platform from a “normal” PC is the use of ICH7-DH south bridge (DH comes from “Digital Home”), except on the case of 945GM chipset, which doesn’t use this circuit. What is new on this chip is a technology called Quick Resume, which allows the PC to imitate the behavior of TV sets, where by pressing the power button located on the remote control the screen goes dark, the sound is muted and the keyboard and mouse stop responding.

In a ViiV-compatible computer you can access all your digital content (photos, music, movies, videos, etc) through a remote control (if the computer has one, of course), thanks to Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system. As the name implies, it is a version of Windows XP targeted to entertainment PCs. It allows you to record your favorite TV shows, share your pictures and songs, listen to radio, download music and movies from the Internet, and also install your favorite programs and games.

As you can see, ViiV platform is simply a set of technologies (processor, chipset, network adapter and operating system) combined to make an entertainment PC.

Gigabyte (with their GA-8I945GMH-RH) and ECS (with their 945G-M3), among other manufacturer, have already launched ViiV-compatible motherboards.


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