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In Win H-Frame Case Review


The Front Panel

The front panel of the In Win H-Frame can be seen in Figure 3. As explained, it is completely “opened.” It supports the installation of a 5.25” device on its top part. For that, you will need to remove the top blue aluminum panel, rotate it 180 degrees, install the 5.25” optical drive on it using regular screws, and install it back in place. See Figures 4 and 5. The front panel supports the installation of a 120 mm fan.

In Win H-Frame CaseFigure 3: Front panel

In Win H-Frame CaseFigure 4: The 5.25” bay

In Win H-Frame CaseFigure 5: Optical drive installed in the 5.25” bay

The reviewed case comes with two USB 3.0 ports and the traditional audio jacks on its front panel. The USB 3.0 port uses an internal connector.

In Win H-Frame CaseFigure 6: Buttons and connectors