Introduction (Cont’d)

In Figure 5, you can see all connectors and buttons that are available on the front panel from Dragon Slayer. It has the usual stuff: mic in and headphones out jacks, two USB ports, power and reset buttons, and power and HDD activity LED’s. What is unique here, however, was the addition of a USB 3.0 port (blue connector). The difference between this port and the regular USB 2.0 ports is the use of a cable with better shielding to allow higher speed transmission and the use of a regular USB A connector on its other end. You see, on motherboards with USB 3.0 ports they are available on the motherboard rear connector and not through some headers on the middle of the motherboard. Therefore in order to have a USB 3.0 port on the front panel of the case you need to route a USB 3.0 port available on the motherboard rear panel to the case front panel using a standard USB A connector.

We could complain about the absence of an eSATA port, but the USB 3.0 compensates this deficiency.

In Win Dragon SlayerFigure 5: Buttons and connectors.

Dragon Slayer comes with another 140 mm fan on its top panel. This fan also features an air filter.

In Win Dragon SlayerFigure 6: Top panel.

On the bottom panel Dragon Slayer has an air intake for the power supply, since on this case the power supply is installed on the bottom of the case. This mesh also features an air filter, which is placed inside the case.

In Win Dragon SlayerFigure 7: Bottom panel.

In Figure 8, you can see the rear panel from Dragon Slayer. As mentioned, on this case the power supply goes on the bottom part. It comes with five expansion slots, all of them using vented covers, which may help improving the ventilation inside the case. Another fan is available here, this time a 90-mm model. Differently from the other fans, this one comes with a small three-pin connector for you to install it on your motherboard and thus monitor its speed. On the top part you can see three holes protected by rubber covers. The top-most one is used by the USB 3.0 cable from the front panel, because, as we explained, you need to connect this cable on the motherboard rear connector. The other two are for passing hoses from certain liquid cooling solutions. And, as you can see, the rear panel and the interior from Dragon Slayer are painted black, what gives a very professional looks to the product.

In Win Dragon SlayerFigure 8: Rear panel.

Now let’s take a look inside In Win Dragon Slayer.

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