A Look Inside The Commander 650 W

We decided to disassemble this power supply to see what it looks like inside, how it is designed, and what components are used. Please read our Anatomy of Switching Power Supplies tutorial to understand how a power supply works and to compare this power supply to others.

We could see here that the printed circuit board used on In Win Commander 650 W is identical to the one used on Corsair TX750W and CWT 750VH (“PSHxY-ZZ Y=S,Q,V REV: 0.4”). Thermaltake Toughpower 750 W is also based on the same project, but using a printed circuit board that is slightly different. So we expected to see the reviewed model using components with lower current limits compared to these other models, as it is a unit labeled at 650 W and not 750 W.

In Win Commander 650 WFigure 5: Overall look.

In Win Commander 650 WFigure 6: Overall look.

In Win Commander 650 WFigure 7: Overall look.


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