Models That We Can't Reset the Chip


Some (few) Epson printers can’t have their cartridge chip “zeroed” by software. Thus, you won’t get to reload the cartridge of those printers as explained last week. The models that have such limitation are Stylus C41, C42, C61, C62, C82 and Photo 830.

To use refilled cartridges in those printers you will have to freeze the printer ink counter. To do so, you will need a new and full original cartridge. Install that cartridge in the printer. Then execute the program indicated (available at and use the option “Toggle CSIC disabling” from the program. That option will freeze the ink counter of the printer, that is, the printer will always “think” that the cartridge is full. Then, click on “move to exchange position” to make the head go to the center of the printer. Replace the new cartridge with the reloaded one and the click on “move back.” Presto! Your printer will use the refilled cartridge for its printing jobs.

Several readers wrote to us complaining that they had download the program didn’t understand how to use it. To make things easier, next we explained the main functions of the program.

  • Head Cleaning: Procedure to clean the printhead.
  • Hot Swap Functions: Procedure to replace the cartridge after “freezing” the counter. Procedure used in printers that don’t permit resetting the cartridge chip. That is the procedure we described above.
  • CSIC: Procedures related to the cartridge chip.
  • Toggle CSIC disabling: “freezes” the cartridge counter. Procedure used in printers that don’t permit resetting the cartridge chip. This whole procedure was described above.
  • Reset black CSIC ink counter: Resets the black cartridge chip.
  • Reset color CSIC ink counter: Resets the color cartridge chip. Clicking on that option, you may choose between resetting the chip for all colors (yellow, cyan and magenta) or only for a specific color.
  • Protection counter: Procedures related to the pad used to clean the printhead. Similarly to what happens to ink cartridges, the printer controls the use of that pad. When that pad is totally used (full of ink), we needed to replace it. After replacing it you will need to reset its counter, using the option “Reset protection counter”. Don’t use that option if you have not exchanged the printhead cleaning pad. Using the option “Get Current Value” you may see the current position of the cleaning pad counter.


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