There are two versions of AIDA64; you should download and install the Extreme Edition version.

After installing AIDA64, run it, click on the “Motherboard” available on the main screen, and then click on the “Motherboard” icon that will be shown. On the screen that will be shown, the manufacturer and model of your computer’s motherboard will be displayed on the second line, “Motherboard Name.” See Figure 3. As you can see, we had an ASUS P5K-E motherboard in our computer.

Identifying your motherboard manufacturer and model with AIDA64Figure 3: Identifying your motherboard manufacturer and model with AIDA64

If you scroll down, you will find a link for the BIOS download page at the motherboard manufacturer’s website under “BIOS Download.” This is very handy if you are planning to do a BIOS upgrade.


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