Connecting the Tape Deck to the PC

Connecting a tape deck to the PC is very easy. Basically, you will connect its two outputs to the computer’s “line in” input, which is a blue jack available at the rear panel of the PC. Below, we show the step-by-step process.

Note: You can’t use the “mic in” (pink) jack.

First, locate the connectors labeled “line out” at the rear of your tape deck. You will see two female RCA connectors, one red (right channel) and another white or black (left channel). In our case (Figure 3), the connectors were the ones located at the right-hand side.

Tape deck connectorsFigure 3: Tape deck connectors

Then, install the two male RCA connectors from the cable to the corresponding female connectors. On some older tape decks, the left channel connector may be painted black instead of white. This is not a problem; simply install the white connector on it.

Cable installed on the tape deckFigure 4: Cable installed on the tape deck

Now look at the rear panel of your computer, and locate the “line in” connector. This is a light blue jack. See Figure 5.

The “line in” connector on a typical PCFigure 5: The “line in” connector on a typical PC

The final step is to connect the male 3.5 mm connector from the cable into the “line in” jack from the computer.

Cable installed on the computerFigure 6: Cable installed on the computer

That’s it. Now your tape deck is connected to your computer and you will be able to transfer the audio present in your cassette tapes to the PC.

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