Installing Swans S3W

The installation is quite simple and doesn’t require any specific knowledge. Just connect the speakers to the amplifier, the amplifier to the “line out” output from your computer (or other device such as iPod or CD player) and the power supply to the AC outlet and its cable to the amplifier. As you can see in Figure 5, the amplifier has an additional input for connecting an MP3 player.

HiVi Swans S3W Speakers Figure 5: Jacks present on the amplifier.

We found two problems here. The power supply that comes with S3W is the “bulky” type, which blocks other AC outlets you have around the outlet it is installed to. The second problem is that the mini-jack plug that is used to connect the amplifier to the PC is red, while all PCs use light green as the color to identify the front speakers output jack. In other words you won’t find a red jack behind your computer to match the plug’s color.

The two speakers and the amplifier have a rubber base that makes them to stand firmly on your desk.

HiVi Swans S3W Speakers Figure 6: Rubber base.


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