The Gigabyte X299 AORUS Gaming 7 is a high-end socket LGA2066 motherboard based on the Intel X299 chipset for the HEDT (High-end desktop) Intel “Skylake-X” and “Kaby Lake-X” CPUs that uses LGA2066 socket. It brings LED illumination, five PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots, eight SATA-600 ports, six USB 3.1 ports, and high-end audio and LAN adapters. Let’s take a good look at it!

The X299 chipset was released with the new LGA2066 processors, models Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X. These CPUs are on the HEDT segment, which means they are aimed at high-performance desktop workstations, and not for servers.

The main differences between the X299 and its predecessor, the X99, besides the new CPU socket being supported, are the number of PCI lanes controlled by the chipset (24 on X299, eight on X99), USB 3.0 ports (ten on X299 and six on X99), and SATA-600 ports, reduced from ten on X99 to eight on the X299. The X299 chipset also supports Optane memory, that accelerates SATA drives.

From the compatible CPUs launched so far, the Kaby Lake-X models support only two memory channels, and the other ones support four channels. The number of PCI Express lanes controlled by the CPU also depend on the processor model, being 16, 24, or 44 lanes. All LGA2066 CPUs are unlocked for overclocking.

You can see the Gigabyte X299 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard in Figure 1. It uses the ATX form factor, measuring 12” x 9.6” (305 x 244 mm).

Gigabyte X299 AORUS Gaming 7Figure 1: Gigabyte X299 AORUS Gaming 7 motherboard