Configuring the M8000 Xtreme

Among the several unfriendly applications we’ve already tested here, the Ghost software deserves our kudos. It’s a ghost you shouldn’t be afraid of: the interface is smart and intuitive, graphically representing the nine reprogrammable buttons with their original functions and the ones the user wants to change. We do hope it sets the standard for the industry because it’s an example of a application done right.

M8000XtremeFigure 5: The Ghost software.

Aside from the great interface, the robust software supports 70 customizable macros and 45 button assignments for the five user profiles that can be stored in the 32 kb internal memory. That way the M8000Xtreme can be plugged to several different PCs and still retain the modifications done by the user, be it for gaming or working related activities. The program can associate a different color to each profile or even let the mouse remain unlit for those who prefer a more discrete peripheral on the table. The Ghost also features the Perfect Tracking Precision tool to analyze and better calibrate the laser according to the surface.


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