Main Characteristics

The Krypton’s two main characteristics are being ambidextrous and having the interchangeable under plates. Actually, even the mouse’s orientation itself can be changed. To switch from a right-hand grip to a left-hand grip, just simultaneously press both profile switches (on the tip of the peripheral) for three seconds, and then it’s done. The peripheral features nine assignable functions on the four side buttons, on the two main buttons and on the scroll wheel (it’s possible to reprogram the scroll up, scroll down and the pressing of the wheel itself). The resolution switch stays locked to that particular function.

Krypton mouseFigure 8: Button configuration

The software recognizes other peripherals from the Aivia line and features a visually interesting interface for button configuration and macro recording. However, since the interface itself is small, the application only allows one alteration at a time, which can be confusing for the user, who doesn’t get to see the whole picture of what he or she is doing. At least the macro recording system has a user-friendly iconography and allows the user to record seventy macros that can combine keystrokes on the keyboard with mouse clicks. The user can export the macros to his or her PC and also import them to the Krypton’s 32 KB memory. It’s possible to create up to five user profiles.

Krypton mouseFigure 9: Macro configuration

The Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor reaches 8,200 dpi. The sensitivity can be set in four stages by the user (it comes in 800 dpi, 1,600 dpi, 3,200 dpi and 5,600 dpi by default). The number of LEDs lit on the little bars flanking the resolution switch indicates the current sensitivity level.

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