Introduction (Cont’d)

On the underside, there’s the product’s greatest innovation: a set of easily switchable under plates. Once removed, they reveal the weight adjustment system with ten holes for tiny weights, from 0.06 oz. (1.8 g) (four silver weights) to 0.18 oz. (5.3 g) (six black weights), for a total increase of 1.37 oz. (39 g) to the Krypton’s final weight.

Krypton mouseFigure 5: Underside and accessories

One of the under plates has the traditional set of Teflon feet that delivers a precise and more controlled sliding. The other extra under plate comes with a set of ceramic feet for high speed over the mousepad. Aside from the under plates, the entire set includes a case for storing the weights and an extraction tool (although it wasn’t impossible to take them out with our fingers).

Krypton mouseFigure 6: Case for the weights and extraction tool

Krypton mouseFigure 7: Accessories in the box

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