Main Characteristics

Genius sells the DeathTaker as a mouse geared for players of MMORPG/RTS games, due to the fact that it features several programmable functions. However, the truth is that the peripheral is also good for FPS games; the user just won’t need that many macros to begin with. The package includes an installation CD with the GX Gaming configuration software. Once it is installed, the user can assign 11 functions to eight buttons plus the scroll wheel (the wheel can execute three tasks).

Deathtaker mouseFigure 8: Button configuration

As usual, it’s possible to control the pointer speed, set five different values for the resolution (from 100 to 5,700 dpi), and record five user profiles on the mouse’s internal memory, which is useful for the player on the move. Each profile can have up to 11 macros, for a total of 55 recordable macros on the DeathTaker.

Deathtaker mouseFigure 9: Macro configuration

Macro recording doesn’t break any market rules, but it does have a major difference. The program only records up to 20 key presses; however, the user can configure a button to act as a Shift key to gain access to a different profile when it is hit in combination with another button. With a little organization and some trial and error, this can be a powerful tool for those players who really like to record macros for everything.

Finally, the user can turn off the illumination or choose any color among 16 million RGB options to light up the DeathTaker. The lights in the scroll wheel and underneath the GX Gaming text can be set to pulsate in a breathing mode or just stay lit – right from the desktop to a Mardi Gras parade.

Deathtaker mouseFigure 10: DeathTaker lit up


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