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Gelid The Black Edition CPU Cooler Review



“The Black Edition” is a CPU cooler from Gelid. It has two tower heatsinks, two 120 mm fans, and seven U-shaped heatpipes. Let’s test it.

The name of the product is curious. At first, we tough it was a “Black Edition” of an older cooler, but it seems like “The Black Edition” is a name on its own. By the way, the cooler is not black.

Figure 1 shows the box of the cooler.

Gelid The Black EditionFigure 1: Package

Figure 2 shows the contents of the box: the cooler, a small syringe of thermal compound, a manual, and installation hardware.

Gelid The Black EditionFigure 2: Accessories

Figure 3 displays “The Black Edition”.

Gelid The Black EditionFigure 3: The Gelid Black Edition CPU cooler

This cooler is discussed in detail in the following pages.