The Top Panel

The top panel is completely meshed, with an air filter. It supports three 120 mm or 140 mm fans at the same time, or one 180 mm fan with one 120 mm or 140 mm fan. The Arc Midi comes with a 140 mm fan installed, which is identical to the front one, spinning at 1,000 rpm and using a three-pin connector. It also can be installed on the fan controller that comes with the product.

Fractal Design Arc Midi caseFigure 7: Top panel

In Figure 8, you can see the top panel with the top cover removed, where you can better understand the fan configuration.

Fractal Design Arc Midi caseFigure 8: Top panel

The case comes with two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port. The USB 3.0 port uses an internal connector, so make sure you install a motherboard with an internal USB 3.0 header. They are located on the front part of the top panel.

Fractal Design Arc Midi caseFigure 9: Buttons and connectors


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