Foxconn A88GM Deluxe Motherboard Review

The Motherboard

Foxconn has two motherboard models based on AMD 880G chipset, A88GMX and A88GM Deluxe. The difference between them is the south bridge chip that is used (SB710 or SB850, respectively), meaning that the first model supports only SATA-300 ports and has no support for RAID 5. All other specs are the same. It is important to note that on A88GM Deluxe’s manual the manufacturer mentions another model, A88GM, which differs from A88GM Deluxe by the use of SB810 south bridge chip. This chip wasn’t released yet and therefore this other model doesn’t exist yet.

In Figure 1 you have an overall look at Foxconn A88GM Deluxe. It uses the microATX form factor. Notice how all capacitors from this motherboard are solid.

Foxconn A88GM Deluxe motherboardFigure 1: Foxconn A88GM Deluxe motherboard.

AMD 880G north bridge chip has 22 PCI Express x1 lanes (the same number used on AMD 870 and AMD 890GX chipsets), with seven internal engines to control them (AMD 890GX has eight engines). Foxconn A88GM Deluxe comes with one PCI Express x16 slot, one PCI Express x1 slot and two standard PCI slots.

Foxconn A88GM Deluxe motherboardFigure 2: Slots.

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