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EVGA Superclock CPU Cooler Review


The EVGA Superclock

Figure 4 reveals the front of the heatsink, where the 120 mm fan will be installed.

EVGA SuperclockFigure 4: Front view

Figure 5 presents the side of the heatsink. Notice that the fins are folded, creating a closed panel.

EVGA SuperclockFigure 5: Side view

Figure 6 shows the back of the heatsink. Due to the shape of the fins and the extended closed surface, the area for airflow exit is smaller than the front intake area.

EVGA SuperclockFigure 6: Rear view

The top of the heatsink is shown in Figure 7. Note that the fins have a texture in order to create turbulence that improves the heat transfer.

EVGA SuperclockFigure 7: Top view