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Enermax Triathlor FC 650 W Power Supply Review


Transient Filtering Stage

As we have mentioned in other articles and reviews, the first place we look when opening a power supply for a hint about its quality, is its filtering stage. The recommended components for this stage are two ferrite coils, two ceramic capacitors (Y capacitors, usually blue), one metalized polyester capacitor (X capacitor), and one MOV (Metal-Oxide Varistor). Very low-end power supplies use fewer components, usually removing the MOV and the first coil.

In the transient filtering stage, this power supply is “flawless.” It also includes a CM02X integrated circuit (not shown in the pictures) to discharge the capacitors and reduce power consumption when the power supply is in standby mode. This integrated circuit is a competitor to the CAPZero chip found on some power supplies.

Enermax TriAthlor FC 650wFigure 9: Transient filtering stage (part 1)

Enermax TriAthlor FC 650wFigure 10: Transient filtering stage (part 2)

On the next page, we will have a more detailed discussion of the components used in the Enermax Triathlor FC 650 W.