Costing only USD 60, the LuxuRay from Enermax is a very affordable case, bringing nice options for a case in this price range. Let’s take a look at this new release.

The LuxuRay is available in three versions, ECA3190-BS, ECA3191-BS, and ECA3192-BS. The ECA3192-BS is the “complete” model, being the version sold in the USA. The other two versions are offered in different markets, and they don’t come with the top 120 mm fan, and the ECA3191-BS isn’t painted black inside.

In Figures 1 and 2, you have an overall look at the case.

Enermax LuxuRay caseFigure 1: Enermax LuxuRay case

Enermax LuxuRay caseFigure 2: Enermax LuxuRay case

You can install up to two 120 mm fans on the mesh available on the left panel.

The front panel of the LuxuRay can be seen in Figure 3. It is made with a  really shiny  black plastic, making it impossible for you to not leave finger prints all over the front panel.

This case has five 5.25” bays, all using regular covers (i.e., not vented and without air filters). The top-most bay comes without a metallic part “closing” it, but if you want to use any of the other bays you will have to break a metallic part that is present behind the front cover.

Enermax LuxuRay caseFigure 3: Front panel

At the bottom part of the front panel the LuxuRay comes with a 120 mm “VEGAS” fan. This fan uses a three-pin connector, so you can install it on your motherboard in order to monitor its speed, or you can install it on a peripheral power connector, using the included adapter.

Through a button labeled “fan” present on the front panel you can not only change the color of the fan (red, green, or blue) but also its blinking pattern, for a total of 14 different possibilities (including turning all LEDs off). This fan is similar to the one present on the front panel of the Enermax Volcanus – on the Volcanus, however, the fan size is 140 mm. Although the plastic part present on the front panel looks solid, it is actually transparent, and you can see the fan in action in the video below.

Enermax LuxuRay caseFigure 4: Front fan


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