A Look Inside The Liberty ECO 500 W

We decided to disassemble this power supply to see what it looks like inside, how it is designed, and what components are used. Please read our Anatomy of Switching Power Supplies tutorial to understand how a power supply works and to compare this power supply to others.

The first thing that caught our eye when disassembling this unit was the fan, which is the same one as used on MODU82+ and PRO82+ series from the same manufacturer: a dual-voltage fan, using a four-pin connector, which allows it to be quieter than traditional fans (this proved to be true during our tests).

The second thing we noticed was that internally Liberty ECO 500 W has nothing to do with Liberty DXX 500 W: they use completely different projects. So we were expecting to see very different results on our tests as well. Internally Liberty ECO resembles PRO82+ and MODU82+ units, but we could see enough differences between them to say that they use slightly different projects.

Enermax Liberty ECO 500 WFigure 5: Overall look.

Enermax Liberty ECO 500 WFigure 6: Overall look.

Enermax Liberty ECO 500 WFigure 7: Overall look.


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