ECS NGT240-512QI-F Video Card Review

ECS NGT240-512QI-F

ECS has nothing less than four different video cards based on GeForce GT 240. The one we are reviewing, NGT240-512QI-F, comes with 512 MB GDDR5, while the other three come with 1 GB DDR3 running at a lower effective clock rate (2 GHz vs. 3.4 GHz on the reviewed model, which translates into a 32 GB/s maximum theoretical transfer rate against 54.4 GB/s on the reviewed model). All four come with the same cooling solution from Arctic Cooling.

ECS NGT240-512QI-F GeForce GT 240Figure 1: ECS NGT240-512QI-F.

ECS NGT240-512QI-F GeForce GT 240Figure 2: ECS NGT240-512QI-F.

ECS NGT240-512QI-F GeForce GT 240Figure 3: ECS NGT240-512QI-F.

As you can see this video card has three outputs: VGA, HDMI and DVI-D, with the VGA and the HDMI outputs coming with plastic caps on them. Finally the manufacturers are dropping the S-Video connector and installing an HDMI output instead!

Author: Gabriel Torres

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