ECS H57H-MUS comes with one PCI Express x16 2.0 slot, one PCI Express x1 slot, one PCI Express x4 slot and one standard PCI slot. It is important to keep in mind the particularities of the PCI Express technology to understand that it allows you to install any kind of expansion card on any kind of slot. For example, you can install x1 cards on x4 slots or even on x16 slots. Since this motherboard comes with two x1 expansion cards, an untrained user might think that there is no place for installing the second card, since this motherboard has only x1 slot. This is far from the truth: the second card can be installed either on the x4 or on the x16 slot.

If you pay close attention to the x4 slot from this motherboard in Figure 2, you will see that it has its rear side open, allowing you to install a x16 video card on it (of course the video card will run at x4), which is another expansion capability supported by this particular motherboard.

ECS H57H-MUS motherboardFigure 2: Slots.

In Figure 2, you can see other features supported by the product: a POST display, which allows you to detect through a two-digit code what is wrong if your computer doesn’t turn on, and power and reset buttons.


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