There are two parts to setting up the TransDock. First, you snap the remote control into its base which, as shown in Figure 5, has a Velcro strap that raps securely to your steering wheel. Although some DLO materials show the remote attached to the outside of the steering wheel, the instruction manual shows it attached properly to the inside of the wheel, shown in Figure 6. Attaching it to the outside of the wheel will interfere with your driving. The remote is made to be put on the left side of the steering wheel, but it could also be put on the right. In that case, all the buttons would still be useable, only the DLO logo would be upside down.

TransDock DeluxeFigure 5: Remote with holder and strap.

TransDock Deluxe  Figure 6: Remote attached  properly to the steering wheel.

The second part of the installation is attaching the dock itself to your vehicle. You insert the mounting arm into the cigarette lighter, attach the dock, and insert your iPod. Everything slides on easily and quickly. You may, however, depending on the location of your cigarette lighter outlet(s) have to make some adjustments. As shown in Figure 7, there is an extension arm that you may use if you need it to put the dock in the proper position. The elbows on the arms swivel are fully adjustable. Once you find the right position, you turn the knobs on the arms to lock everything down.

TransDock DeluxeFigure 7: Mounting arm and extension arm.

The mounting arm and extension can be adjusted to fit almost any vehicle. The TransDock can be installed in a vertical position or a horizontal position, as needed.  In Figure 8, you can see the TransDock installed in the tight interior of a Volkswagen Beetle. Most vehicles will allow it to be installed in a more upright position, as shown in Figure 9, in a Buick Rainier.

One important thing to note is that this device comes with many small parts including the toggle nuts and bolts that adjust the arms. While they are nicely finished, they can be easy to drop. In one instance, we struggled to find a tiny black part in the black interior of the car.

TransDock DeluxeFigure 8: TransDock installed in a Volkswagen New Beetle.

TransDock DeluxeFigure 9: TransDock installed in a Buick Rainier.

On some of the vehicles that we tried, the arm fit so snugly into the cigarette lighter outlet that we were afraid of breaking the plug socket when we pulled it out. Obviously, the unit must fit tightly so that it does not wobble after installation.  But because of the tight fit and the adjustments that you make to the mounting arm to customize it to the vehicle, we feel that this unit is best to be left in the car once it is installed.

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