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Author: Gabriel Torres Last Updated: December 29, 2005
Category: Packaging

Single Edge Contact Cartridge 2

SECC2 is a packaging standard similar to SECC, using a metallic cartridge. The difference between them is that SECC2 doesn’t have its back cover, so the processor is exposed. The CPU cooler must be installed directly on the processor through this open cover and not on the cartridge. On original SECC you cannot see the CPU and the cooler is installed on its metallic cartridge. Another difference is that on SECC the cartridge is metallic and on SECC2 the cartridge is plastic. The last Pentium II models and first Pentium III models used this packaging. The edge contact used by SECC2 processors has 242 pins and is called slot 1 or SC242.

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Figure 1: Pentium III with SECC2 packaging, front view.

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Figure 2: Pentium III with SECC2 packaging, back view. Notice that the processor comes "opened" just like on the picture.

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