Data recovery is a specialty and has its reasons to be, because many people and companies can suffer great losses if they lose their data in an accident with no backup – or when it has failed (the famous Murphy’s Law).

Being a professional in this area demands great investment both in study and in equipment, such as a class 100 clean room. That’s why most of the times the cost to have data recovered is not low.

So, run away from professionals and companies that don’t have proper equipment, because as we said, if you leave a disk in the hands of one of those amateurs, they can put an end to any chance of recovering the data later on – it’s the famous “cheap comes dear”.

For those situations in which you’re not feeling secure for trying to solve problems in a hard drive by yourself, look for a company that’s specialized in that kind of service, otherwise the loss is almost sure.

We haven’t mentioned the cases in which data is stored in RAID stripping arrays. The simple attempt to rebuild the RAID can cause definite data loss. So we recommend you keep your backups updated and avoid improvising when there’s loss of data.

We also remind you that diagnostic and estimated cost in a serious data recovery company are usually free of charge.