Main Features

The M.M.O.7 can look a little intimidating at first, but the physical adjustments are easily made. The tool found below the palm rest can be used to unscrew the pinkie and palm rests. The spare parts are stored in a small foam-filled case. You just release the screw and change the pinkie and palm rests to adjust the M.M.O.7 to your liking. The thumb rest can be tweaked with a separate screw to be better positioned.

Cyborg MMO7Figure 5: Thumb rest adjustment

Cyborg MMO7Figure 6: Pinkie rest spare parts

The weights are also easily changed. The same screw that holds the tool can be unscrewed to release the weights and the coil that holds them in place. The case also has a small cartridge to store the weights. All the physical configuration of the M.M.O.7 is quickly done; what takes some time is finding the right assemblage. This perfect adjustment comes after a few tweaks and several hours of play. We won’t advise on the best configuration because it depends on personal taste and each individual hand size.

Cyborg MMO7Figure 7: Palm rest spare parts

Cyborg MMO7Figure 8: Spare parts case

Cyborg MMO7Figure 9: Weight adjustment system

It wouldn’t do any good to have all those buttons to configure if the M.M.O.7 was hard to program. Fortunately, the software (downloadable at the Cyborg website) is not only simple, but it already comes with several presets for the main MMORPGs on the market. For instance, the newly released Star Wars: The Old Republic already has a preset configuration available for the M.M.O.7. The greatest feature is an add-on for World of Warcraft that opens up an interface on the game screen to configure the M.M.O.7. You simply drag the icons for the spells, powers and special actions to each individual button on the picture of the mouse and it’s done. It’s the best way to configure a mouse for an MMORPG that we have ever seen.

Besides the three modes of configuration, the button above the pinkie rest acts like a Shift key that opens three more modes of configuration. In total, the M.M.O.7 reaches up to 78 programmable commands. It’s way too much, and we doubt that someone will ever configure so many commands. The good thing about the M.M.O.7 is that it offers so many buttons that the user can choose those more easily reachable. When we tested it, there were some awkward buttons to reach that we simply overlooked in favor of others.


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