You don’t have to play/enjoy World of Warcraft, the biggest MMORPG in the world, to fully appreciate this new wireless headset from Creative Labs. Of course fans (like us) will enjoy the game-based design and the voice distortion software that turns the user’s voice into the likes of several characters from the RPG, but the World of Warcraft Wireless Headset is ideal for those who seek a wireless solution for gaming and an experience of excellent sound combined with extreme comfort. You can play for hours without feeling the weight or pressure of the headset and still enjoy high quality sound. Although it is hard to save the praise for later, first we’ll focus on describing the headset.

World of Warcraft Wireless HeadsetFigure 1: The World of Warcraft Wireless Headset.

The first impression is that this is a monster of a headset. It has big leather padded ear-cups, the kind that completely engulf the ears. The headband is also leather padded. But once you pick it up, you realize it’s all lightweight plastic and it should be carried in the nice leather bag bundled with the headset lest it breaks inside a backpack.

World of Warcraft Wireless HeadsetFigure 2: Ear-cup details.

The left ear-cup houses all the controls: a sync/on/off power button, volume controls (in the fake rune engraved edge of the lip) and a mute button. The controls let the headset sync with the 2.4GHz wireless device. There’s also a mini USB port to charge the headset, but you can do it while playing. The microphone is detachable and the ear-cups rotate so the headset can be stored in the leather bag. They also have back-lit lenses on which we will get into details in the next section.

World of Warcraft Wireless HeadsetFigure 3: Control set.

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