After testing most of the products within the Vengeance brand from Corsair, we finally put our hands on the M90 mouse. So far, we’ve tested the combo mouse/keyboard for FPS games, the M60 and K60, and the K90 keyboard for RPGs and strategy games. The M90 mouse is a perfect match for the K90 keyboard. Featuring 15 programmable buttons, the peripheral reaches 5,700 dpi of resolution. The user can create six profiles stored in the internal memory and 50 profiles that can be saved in the PC. Let’s take a look at its physical characteristics and then test the mouse.

mouse M90Figure 1: M90 mouse

Just like the M60, the Vengeance M90 also has a rubberized upper body of plastic over an aluminum metal frame. It’s not as robotic-looking as the M60, but it’s still futuristic. There are no buttons on the right side. On the upper body, the user can find the solid metal scroll wheel with a rubberized scroll surface, a small button just under the wheel, and two more on the top left corner, sharing the space with the left click button.

mouse M90Figure 2: Right side

The left side is where everything happens in the M90; that’s where the nine macro buttons are located, bordering the small niche for the thumb to rest. All the buttons have different sizes and shapes.

mouse M90Figure 3: Left side


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