The Disk Drive Bays

The Corsair 600T comes with four 5.25” external bays and six internal 3.5”/2.5” bays, all featuring tool-less installation mechanisms.

Corsair 600T White caseFigure 19: Disk drive bays

On the case default configuration, it supports video cards up to 13” (330 mm long) and power supplies up to 13” (330 mm) long. If you want to install longer video cards, you can remove the top hard drive cage or move it to the bottom panel. In this configuration, the product supports video cards up to 18.1” (460 mm) long, but the maximum depth for power supplies is reduced to 9” (230 mm), which is enough to fit virtually any PC power supply available on the market.

Corsair 600T White caseFigure 20: An alternative configuration to allow longer video cards

Also, you can remove the bottom cage and leave the top cage installed in the middle of the bottom panel, if you want to increase the case internal airflow.

Corsair 600T White caseFigure 21: Another possible configuration

Each 3.5”/2.5” bay is actually a small drawer, with a rubber ring around its pegs to absorb the vibration generated by the hard drive.

Corsair 600T White caseFigure 22: Drawer

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