Cooler Master TPC 812 CPU Cooler Review

The Cooler Master TPC 812

Figure 4 illustrates the front of the cooler. There are three rows inside each side of the heatsink: two rows of heatpipes and the vapor chambers near the middle of the fins.

Cooler Master TPC 812Figure 4: Front view

Figure 5 reveals the side of the cooler. The heatsink is open at the sides.

Cooler Master TPC 812Figure 5: Side view

The top of the heatsink has a beautiful metallic cap, and each one of the heatpipes’ tips has a chromed cap, as well as the vapor chambers.

Cooler Master TPC 812Figure 6: Top view

Author: Rafael Coelho

Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master's degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.

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