Introduction (Cont’d)

On the top panel from HAF 932 AMD Edition is identical to the top panel from the original HAF 932, coming with one 230 mm fan identical to the one used on the front panel (700 rpm, 19 dBA, glowing red). There is a space for installing an optional 120 mm fan (the other two holes for this fan are below the rubber mat). If you remove this 230 mm fan you can install two 120 mm fans or a radiator from certain liquid cooling solutions.

Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition caseFigure 6: Top panel.

The top panel has a small storage compartment and the power and reset switches. The bottom of this storage compartment is protected by a rubber mat and removing this mat you have access to the two holes for attaching an optional 120 mm fan and a hole that in theory can be used to fill tanks from water cooling devices installed on the top 5.25” bays. But frankly this hole is simply ridiculous, because for adding coolant liquid to a water cooler you need to first open the tank, which is obviously impossible to be done through such small hole. Thus it would be far better if the whole bottom part of the storage compartment could be removed, so you would have access to the top part of water cooling solution installed on the top 5.25” bays, including the water tank.

Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition caseFigure 7: Storage compartment.

Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition caseFigure 8: Storage compartment with its rubber mat removed.

Finally we have the rear panel in Figure 9, which is also identical to the one used on the original HAF 932. On this case the power supply is installed on the lower section of the case. This case has one 140 mm fan on its rear panel, rotating at 1,200 rpm. No speed control is available on this or on any other fan present on this case. On the upper part of the panel you can see two holes for an external water cooling solution. These holes are protected by a rubber cover, so you won’t need to break anything on your case to have them available. As you may have noticed, these holes are located on a frame covering where you can install a second power supply. If you decide to install a second power supply, you will need to remove the top 230 mm fan, but you will be still able to install one or two 120 mm fans on the top panel (depending on the depth of the power supply you decide to install). Unfortunately this case doesn’t come with the necessary adapter to connect pin 14 (green wire) from the two power supplies, which allows them to be turned on at the same time when you press the case power button.

Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition caseFigure 9: Rear panel.

As you may have noticed, the rear panel (and thus the interior) is not painted black. It should.

Like the original HAF 932, this new version comes with a set of wheels, so you can replace the standard stands that come with the case with the feet if you want to be able to move you case around. This is a really nice option to have.

Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition caseFigure 10: Wheels.

Now let’s take a look inside Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition.

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