Link Mode

As we mentioned, the link mode is the easiest and fastest way to connect two PCs using your USB cable for transferring files. If you want to have Internet access and/or have printer access, you should go to network mode.

After installing the cable as describe in the previous page, you should check if the cable is correctly installed on Device Manager (right click My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager). It should be listed under “Universal Serial Bus controllers.” See Figure 6. (Our cable is listed as “Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable,” but your cable can use a slightly different name, depending on the manufacturer.)

USB-USB Cable InstallationFigure 6: USB-USB cable correctly installed using link mode.

To transfer files, you should open the transfer program that was installed when you ran the setup file. On our cable, this program was called PClinq2. This program must be opened on both computers.

The usage of the transfer program is really simple. On its left side, it will show your computer, and on its right side it will show the remote computer. Just select the drive/partition and folder/files you want to transfer, then drag and drop them to the desired location. It couldn’t be easier!

Tranferring Files With USB-USB CableFigure 7: Transfer program.


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