Main Characteristics

The CM Trigger features Cherry MX mechanical switches. Depending on the model, the product can have one of four Cherry MX switches available: Black, Blue, Brown or Red. The box is labeled to indicate which one is present; in our case, we got the Brown switches.

Let’s review the explanation about this technology we gave when we tested the CM QuickFire Pro: the different colors mean the type of feedback (force or linear), the actuation force (from 45 g to 60 g) and if the keys are silent or clicky. Force feedback means your finger actually feels a small resistance when pressing a key; a linear feedback offers a smoother typing experience. The Cherry MX Brown has an actuation force of 45 g with force feedback, and its clicking is silent (when compared with other mechanical keyboards, because it’s still noisier than a membrane keyboard).

The illumination can be controlled by simultaneously pressing the CM Storm button and the F1-F4 keys. The user can choose from full illumination to a “gamer mode” with only some specific keys being lit (the macro keys, WASD cluster, and the arrows). With a DC 5V power adapter plugged in, the Trigger can have two additional illumination levels. Through the same combination of CM Storm button plus the F5-F11 keys, the user has access to the multimedia controls.

CM TriggerFigure 8: Minimum number of illuminated keys

CM TriggerFigure 9: Maximum number of illuminated keys


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